World Records

Fiona Oakes holds FOUR marathon WORLD RECORDS and FOUR marathon course records.

Fiona’s World Records:

STOP PRESS ! – Fiona came 10th in the Rio Marathon on 27/7 in 3 hrs 09 mins – this is 2 hours 50 minutes quicker than her previous best time in South America (the volcano marathon which was run at 14,400 feet & was treacherous) so she has reduced her overall time for the two aggregate time records by 2 hours 50 mins – this takes her time to run a marathon on 7 continents to UNDER 24 HOURS !!!

Fiona’s Course Records:

  • The Halstead marathon(2:58:22) – 2007

  • The Ruska marathon (2:58) – 2007

  • The Antarctic Ice marathon(4:20:02) – 2013

  • The Dartmoor Vale marathon (3:01:44) – 2011

Fiona has been Vegan for over 45 years and participates in endurance sport to demonstrate that her diet is not prohibitive to performance

in 2012 Fiona was the first “life long” Vegan female to complete the grueling Marathon des Sables – often billed as the toughest foot race on the planet with a marathon a day for six days across the Sarah desert carrying all your supplies on your back! Fiona completed this race again in 2014

Fiona is a patron of Freedom for Animals and an honorary patron of the Vegan Society

Fiona also runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary where she provides a home for life to around 500 rescued animals – both domestic and ex-farm