There are a lot of costs associated with the promotion of a cruelty free lifestyle !

Fiona’s mission is to show that her lifestyle choices with respect to her diet are not prohibitive to performing in sport as the popular portrayal of a Vegan is a weak and pasty individual.

To do this Fiona participates in marathon and ultra-marathon events and also is invited to talk about her experiences at various festivals.

The financial strain of running the animal sanctuary is huge and this therefore makes the additional funding of an outreach program by Fiona and Martin very difficult indeed.

The Foundation is therefore very keen to hear from anyone who would like to assist Fiona with her on-going program.

Setting course and World records in marathons – about as tough as it gets! – is literally flying in the face of those who would try and rubbish the vegan diet as being deficient. World records in particular – when set by a Vegan – are HUGE milestones for the cause.

If you would like to help Fiona with the costs of her outreach work, please do get in touch.

Please remember that neither Fiona or her partner Martin take anything from donations made to either the Foundation or the Animal Sanctuary as income – they earn their “living” from other activities (Fiona is a retained Fire-fighter and Martin works for a Bank).

As a result, 100% of any donation sent to the Sanctuary goes towards the feed costs and donations to the Foundation go 100% towards the costs of participating in the events and the associated travel costs to and from the events.

Please bear in mind that athletes at Fiona’s level travel to events with an “entourage” – they have coaches, trainers, medical staff and support people and importantly they nearly all do what they do for a living – which is fine of course, but remember this is NOT what Fiona is doing it for. Fiona travels to these events with her elderly Mother! and that’s all.

She HAS to have someone with her to be there for her at the end of a race and she often feels very out of place as she arrives at the elite start where all the athletes are being fussed by their coaches and dozens of support people and she is standing there with just her Mum !

You can help the Foundation promote the cruelty free cause either by making a lump sum donation or by taking out a standing order for a regular monthly donation (UK bank Accounts only)

We can accept a non sterling cheque, although the bank will typically charge a £15 fee to clear it.

Paypal is also available for those outside the UK and you can also send money by direct transfer if you bank online.

Should you wish to become a Patreon, you can donate via Fiona’s Patreon page


Lloyds Bank PLC
A/C Name: The Fiona Oakes Foundation
A/C No: 27574060
Sort Code: 30-67-33

Cheques can be sent to The Fiona Oakes Foundation, Tower Hill Stables, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ

The paypal address is fiona@towerhillstables.com – please state in the message that it is for the Foundation, rather than the Sanctuary animals

Contact information: fiona@towerhillstables.com

Thank you